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2018-05-27 03:12

šŸ‘‹ Backender looking for Fullstacker

The world of directories has not changed much in all of the 20 years of the internet. But it fundamentally is flawed and disconnected from the business that it advertises. Most small local businesses cant afford to do much marketing. I believe we can change this. Join me to create a directory unlike any other. I believe this will get a lot of interest from businesses based on our pricing model.

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2018-03-18 09:10

šŸ‘‹ Fullstacker looking for Marketer

Aidlab is a wearable assistant for analysing daily routine. Despite of the hardware part, we have iOS and Android app along with Cloud service for data storage. We have 20 active users today.

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2018-03-17 09:18

šŸ‘‹ Designer looking for Fullstacker

I would like to make a plugin for Sketch

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2018-03-14 05:36

šŸ‘‹ Fullstacker looking for Fullstacker

cloud based app for dentists in germany. app is still in beta but used by around 50 people daily. our stack is angular 4/5, vue.js, typescript, node, postgres.

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2018-03-12 15:51

šŸ‘‹ Fullstacker looking for SEO expert

I have a new suite of web apps for Business Management at I need to optimize for SEO. Could use a good designer too. It's pretty bland right now. And a Marketer. I'd like to stick to coding.

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2018-03-11 13:57

šŸ‘‹ Backender looking for Mobile developer

A mobile front-end for managing rural water systems in Honduras. We, a 501(c)3 non-profit, work with a great Honduran NGO who spends all their time maintaining potable water systems and training communities. We have a JS front end now, but need to expand into mobile for offline access.

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2018-03-11 06:38

šŸ‘‹ Fullstacker looking for Marketer

A new fitness instant chat community for motivation and to have the first world ranking system for fitness personalities worldwide. The fitness industry has over 19 million people on facebook alone as an interest. I am looking a marketer who is interested in affiliate marketing, sales funnels for B2C and onboarding fitness influencers.

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2018-03-10 16:15

šŸ‘‹ Fullstacker looking for Marketer

I'm working on a product that will let people send email to BTC (and other crypto-currency) addresses. I need some help with the marketing of the site for consumers and B2B customers. The technology is complete, and is working.

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2018-03-10 07:36

šŸ‘‹ Fullstacker looking for Backender

Iā€™m working on an analytics SaaS for social network profiles. It currently has 1500 users (organically acquired in a couple of months), growing at 30 new users / day. Iā€™m looking for someone who is willing to work with me on adding support for new platforms (user growth) and new analytics features that are monetisable (revenue growth). Experience in defensive programming is useful, because a lot of stuff is crunching 24/7.

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2018-03-09 16:35

šŸ‘‹ Fullstacker looking for Sales expert

Growth hack a personal finance app: We have a stealth project, the growth hack is not just for the current app, but for the new app that will be launched in less than six months.

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