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2018-03-10 07:36
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šŸ‘‹ Fullstacker looking for Backender

Iā€™m working on an analytics SaaS for social network profiles. It currently has 1500 users (organically acquired in a couple of months), growing at 30 new users / day. Iā€™m looking for someone who is willing to work with me on adding support for new platforms (user growth) and new analytics features that are monetisable (revenue growth). Experience in defensive programming is useful, because a lot of stuff is crunching 24/7.

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2018-03-08 18:46
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šŸ‘‹ Fullstacker looking for Backender

Librarian AI, a chatbot that helps new team members get up to speed faster. We provide a Slack bot to search for previous questions and answers within a company.

We're a team of Stanford founders and we have revenue, an enterprise customer, and a data scientist. Compensation is $2K/month for 20 hours/week or $4K/month for 40 hours/week. Either full-time or part-time is OK! Work runs until June.

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2018-03-08 15:17
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šŸ‘‹ Frontender looking for Backender

a straightforward live-updating Twitter-API based web app to view and like tweets in a hashtag sorted by likes. (requires Node/Express and Twitter API experience)

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