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2018-03-09 13:15

👋 Fullstacker looking for Sales expert

Information security startup, I'm working on (I have more than just one page to show) as solo founder and looking for sales/marketing co-founder. I have very good progress with the product, but need sales co-founder to prepare for the first sale, talking to first customers and so on. The goal is to make few sales, apply to startup incubators (eligible to work in US plz)

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2018-03-09 13:13

👋 Designer looking for UXer its my gnew website.

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2018-03-09 12:42

👋 Fullstacker looking for Sales expert

We've got a fashion brand, and invested in a fabric printer. We can do some incredible things, but we don't know how to sell. There's an opportunity for someone who knows sales/marketing to build something big with us.

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2018-03-09 12:25

👋 Backender looking for Marketer

I'm working on a crowdfunded and crowdgoverned esports team, built on the Ethereum blockchain. We're preparing to do a security token crowdsale on Republic. We're looking for someone to help with marketing the sale and platform. Esports experience or blockchain experience is nice but not required!

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2018-03-09 11:55

👋 Fullstacker looking for Fullstacker

Im a equal co-founder with a silent co-founder looking for an additional co-founder/seriously motivated individual to become co-founder. The gist of the iOS/Desktop SaaS is it is for a niche industry and is a desktop/mobile Dynamic Reporting Platform. We have 50+ long term contracts. Profit is 6 figures yearly. I need help with evolving the suite/get onboarding easier++much more.In South Florida.

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2018-03-08 19:06

👋 Marketer looking for Fullstacker

Former Amazon product/marketing employee looking to build an app for you to easily gift Amazon products to friends without knowing their address. Surprise them with a virtual unboxing experience via sms link, and they input the ship-to location! Last-minute gifters rejoice!

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2018-03-08 18:46

👋 Fullstacker looking for Backender

Librarian AI, a chatbot that helps new team members get up to speed faster. We provide a Slack bot to search for previous questions and answers within a company. We're a team of Stanford founders and we have revenue, an enterprise customer, and a data scientist. Compensation is $2K/month for 20 hours/week or $4K/month for 40 hours/week. Either full-time or part-time is OK! Work runs until June.

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2018-03-08 15:17

👋 Frontender looking for Backender

a straightforward live-updating Twitter-API based web app to view and like tweets in a hashtag sorted by likes. (requires Node/Express and Twitter API experience)

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2018-03-08 14:36

👋 Fullstacker looking for Designer

ntwrk, a personal CRM that doesn't feel like a CRM. It's meant to help you have better relationships, encouraging you to not forget to reach out to people and to remind you what you last chatted about.

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2018-03-08 11:30

👋 Fullstacker looking for Fullstacker

Paperwork v2, the second iteration of the open-source note-taking & -archiving service.

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