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2018-03-08 19:06
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👋 Marketer looking for Fullstacker

Former Amazon product/marketing employee looking to build an app for you to easily gift Amazon products to friends without knowing their address. Surprise them with a virtual unboxing experience via sms link, and they input the ship-to location! Last-minute gifters rejoice!

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2018-03-08 18:46
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👋 Fullstacker looking for Backender

Librarian AI, a chatbot that helps new team members get up to speed faster. We provide a Slack bot to search for previous questions and answers within a company.

We're a team of Stanford founders and we have revenue, an enterprise customer, and a data scientist. Compensation is $2K/month for 20 hours/week or $4K/month for 40 hours/week. Either full-time or part-time is OK! Work runs until June.

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2018-03-08 15:17
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👋 Frontender looking for Backender

a straightforward live-updating Twitter-API based web app to view and like tweets in a hashtag sorted by likes. (requires Node/Express and Twitter API experience)

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2018-03-08 14:36
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👋 Fullstacker looking for Designer

ntwrk, a personal CRM that doesn't feel like a CRM. It's meant to help you have better relationships, encouraging you to not forget to reach out to people and to remind you what you last chatted about.

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2018-03-08 11:30
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👋 Fullstacker looking for Fullstacker

Paperwork v2, the second iteration of the open-source note-taking & -archiving service.

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2018-03-04 10:41
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👋 Sales expert looking for Fullstacker

Hi, I am a sales expert with more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing. I'm looking for a fullstack coder to join as a co founder/CTO. The project is a B2B tool for hospitals. I have used outsourced programmers to build my prototype, and there are currently one customer using the product full time. Tech: Ruby on Rails, javascript.

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2018-03-03 12:05
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👋 Backender looking for Designer

I'm working on a tool for sales people. It's like a lead generator. I have several customers and the product is making $400/mo. I need help with the design and to make it look more "modern". You will be co founder. You will need to know JS, HTML, CSS.

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