What is this about?

The point of this site is to connect people with interesting projects to people with skills looking for something to work on.

Maybe you need a designer, a fellow back-end coder, or someone who understands sales & marketing. The "remote" part of the site's name just means that people all over the world can work together remotely. The "hacker" part is just there beacuse... well, domain names are hard, you know what I'm mean? 🤷


It's simple. If you are looking for something to work on - it could be for your own portfolio, for fun, or building a business - you find someone looking for someone like you, with a project that you find interesting. You reach out, you join, and you conquer the world together.

When you apply for a project to join, an email will be sent with your message to the other person, and it's only the two of you from there on, which means your communication is no longer through No information is saved forever here, the only data that is temporarily saved in our database is:

Projects, which includes who is looking for whom, the description of the project and an email for contact. After 90 days, the project and all its data is automatically removed from our database.

If you have feedback or just want to say hi, please feel free to send a message to, or reach out on Twitter @ericintheloft.